Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason

It's been a while since my last post, I haven't stopped blogging I just took an unexpected break. But I have been busy eating all over London ;) Just before christmas I went to Fortnum & Mason for afternoon tea! With all popular 'afternoon tea' places you have to book a table in advance, especially on a weekend. F&M is pretty grand but not ott like The Ritz, so no dress code. St James restaurant, where we had our afternoon tea is on the fourth floor, here's what you see when you come out of the lift!

We were led to our table and given a tea list, or tea book!

We chose to have the 'classic afternoon tea' for two and from the list I opted for Assam tea.

How cute is that little strainer!! They have so many different types of teas from all over the globe, so if you are a tea connoisseur this is your moment!

After the actual tea itself was served, our warm canapés arrived. These were delicious, it's a shame we only got two cause I would've easily eaten ten! I called them cheesey pastry balls, but I'm sure they have a very fancy name.

Then the piece de resistance arrived! For afternoon tea rookies: eat from the bottom up! The bottom tier included finger sandwiches and smoked salmon canapés.

Middle tier had plain scones, raisin scones and sponge cakes.....2 of each. Fresh clotted cream and small little jars of different flavour jams are provided for scones.

I could actually get addicted to these scones! I much preferred the plain one though with strawberry jam. You can easily get carried away and eat the whole tub of clotted cream! It's so good!

The top tier comes empty but the waiter brings a plateful of mini cakes to choose from. You can have the whole tray if you like but we chose a selection of mandarin fondant, chocolate fondant, lemon meringue and coffee eclair.The miniature cakes were so sweet but so delicious! I also like the fact that they make small individual cakes instead of cutting you a slice from a huge one.

All in all i really enjoyed it, the atmosphere was lovely but i did feel a little self-conscious, I was trying my best to sit up straight and hold my cutlery properly! Luckily only one table of snobs were staring at us, the rest were all tourist and seemed as anxious as we were!

I should have probably gone there with an empty stomach, it was so filing! Luckily they do doggy bags!

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Location:St. James, Piccadilly