Friday, 23 May 2014

New blog post- highly anticipated update!

Hi everyone
It's been a long time coming but on this post I'm just gonna group a lot from my travels and I'll also do a few individual posts later. Let me know what you all think xx

SAKURA - Mayfair, London
This place is quite charming, non pretentious like a lot of other restaurants in Mayfair 
The menu

Looks cute but I was a bit awkward drinking from it, kept spilling everywhere 
Warm salted edamame beans, is anyone else obsessed with these?
I was still suffering from nostalgia, missing Tokyo so I ordered shrimp tempura with udon noodles in a hot broth . It comes with a boiled egg, mushrooms and seaweed - sooo good!
Another tempura dish with mixed seafood
The bill was quite reasonable and it was handwritten, there's this old Japanese lady that sits by the entrance with her old style typewriter and a calculator, she handles all the transactions. Very chic I thought 

Next up.....

I travelled to Bangkok - Phuket - Krabi - Phuket - Bangkok 

I absolutely loved this place, and it's so true what they say about Thai people. Everyone was so friendly and helpful!

Best sign ever right? The beaches in thailand are all stunning, this one was in phuket 

We went to see the Fantasea show in phuket, the place was amazing. It was basically an elephant show with acrobatics thrown in. I cried! And not for a good reason, I know a lot of people enjoy it and I was told there was no mistreatment of animals but I found it so strange that these elephants and other animals were on this brightly lit strange doing a dance routine! And it was SO loud! But I guess each to their own

One thing I was totally obsessed with was Tom yum soup!!! I ate this everyday!! It's a hot and sour soup and so delish! 
Cold shrimp salad, this was so spicy that my poor friend couldn't eat it

The famous Bangla road in phuket, this is where you will no doubt find yourself in every evening 

The road literally has everything! Shops mainly souvenir ones stay open till midnight, restaurants, those famous ping pong places, clubs, bars, karaoke, street performances etc etc it has it all

Let me know what you all think!