Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My Old Dutch

Happy pancake day!
I decided the best day to visit My Old Dutch should be on Pancake Day right? My Old Dutch is a pancake house with restaurants around London. I've eaten there on numerous occassions. I love their pancakes. They have savoury and sweet pancakes and also serve salads, soups, traditional dutch starters and desserts.
Their prices are quite reasonable. We had the Asparagus pancake with spinach, black olives, red onions, mushrooms and cheese. It was divine!As you can see served on the biggest plate you've ever seen!
We also had the the apple and cinnamon pancake with ice cream (also served with cream)
It looks good? It was so good, its hard to finish it all though. I love their plates, very dutch!
They also offer 'poffertjes' small fluffly mini pancakes to you and me. I had the berry compote:
Those mini pancakes are an absolute treat, If you're like me and want to try both kinds of pancakes I recommend the savoury first then the poffertjes. Bring your appetite and an empty stomach! The Deco is nice and simple, with some dutch touch. You get to sit pretty close to your neighbors.
I cant say enough how good the pancakes are at My Old Dutch so it breaks my heart that I have to tell you the service was appalling! I can normally tolerate snotty, slightly rude, sarcastic and I-cant-be-bothered waiters/waitresses. I normally just eat, takes loads of pics, pay, tip and get out. This time however it was just too bad not to mention on here. It was quite busy to the point people had to queue outside and on the door leaving it open so we all had to endure the cold wind blowing in. I ordered Assam tea which came in a pot, after 5mins it was so strong I could drink anymore. I ordered water to wash the taste down, I waited and waited, I asked again and guess what? No water was sent to me! Anyways not a big deal I bought water when I left but the customers on the table next to us had the worst luck. They ordered sweet and savoury pancakes to be served at different times. The waitress very rudely told them they cant do that, it will be served at the same time. The poor American man then decided to cancel his dessert order and only settle for main dish. His drink came (coke) the waiter was in such a hurry whilst pouring his drink he spilt it everywhere! The American customer was so polite during this whole ordeal. They ate so quick and was out of the door before we even finished our fist course. I absolutely feel terrible for this man and his daughter, mainly because he was so nice the whole time. We also had a bad service but again its the sort I can tolerate but we really shouldn't have to! All in all, I will recommend a visit to My Old Dutch but perhaps not the Kensington branch.